Friday, November 1, 2013

Connecting, Socializing, Shopping...all in one place - Findlay Market

Space. Wide open space, friendly people, loads of shops, plenty of options and amazing atmosphere is what you can expect from Findlay Market. It has been said that the bus rentals Cincinnati marketplace goes back a long time and perhaps, if you are local resident, remembers hitting the market with your family. Or maybe it is a place that you hangout with your friends or even relatives. You could have also come here on dates to grab a quick cup of coffee or spaghetti. Whatever it is, the atmosphere is very comfortable and cosy, which is surprising because you have all that space outdoors....just for you.
Apart from peak season, the marketplace is hardly ever crowded which is great because it feels like you have all the time in the world to explore the shops. Findlay Market, as you will soon see for yourself, is all about tradition. But is it all stuffy and ‘old’? I don’t think so. Half of the people who come to Findlay Market are the young and working class people looking for a quick and cheap place to grab a meal or a place to relax and hang out with their friends during their bus rentals Cincinnati breaks.
The concept of this living landmark is to provide a space for people to connect with each other, socialize and unknowingly trying to get people off of the internet or look away from their devices. This was precisely what we were doing....looking at anything and everything BUT our devices. We were blogging from our laptops, surfing on the bus rentals Cincinnati charter bus on our tabs and when we got off, we were captured into the vibe evidently unique to the market.
Of course, there is no denying the fact that it is also about the great food and shopping experience that it provides. You really get into the whole place because you want to see what CIncinnati is all about, at the end of the day, this is what you are here to do. They stay true to their mission and initial vision, really, and they successfully invigorates the mind with a message of hope. Through reinvigoration of the historic marketplace connecting farmers with fishmongers, customers with good food...all this while reconnecting a whole generation with its messages.
I am sitting here wondering how does a bus rentals Cincinnati tourist attraction like Findlay Market manages to make such a massive space so intimate. We would love to find more places like this all around United States.