Friday, January 11, 2013

Thrifting In Cincinnati

If you’re interested in updating your wardrobe and furnishings with chic vintage pieces, Cincinnati doesn’t disappoint in providing you with many places to go on thrifting expeditions. If you’re new to thrifting, it’s best to know a few fundamental things first.
Make a list
Have you ever gone into a store and left with many things you shouldn’t have bought at all? Its best to keep a list with you to stay focused on what you really want to add to your collection. The wide selection available at thrift stores can overwhelm you, and could turn you into a hoarder. You’ll know that you’ve moved to dangerous territory if you start thinking of getting an extra rental car to help you cart all your shopping away.
Go Often
If you’re serious about thrifting, going often will ensure that you won’t always have to wade through mountains of things. You’ll know exactly which pile to avoid, and where the new stuff is, which saves a lot of time.
Dig Dig Dig
Don’t be daunted by big piles of things. Sometimes you’ll have to dig through many layers to find true gems, which is the whole point of thrifting in the first place.
Love What You Buy
It’s simple really. To love what you buy, you have to buy the things you really love. It’s relatively simple to find a whole host of items that you like, but to prevent yourself from becoming a hoarder its best to only buy the things that you are truly passionate about.
See Through The Paint
Some items might not look beautiful at first glance, but try imagining them with a coat of paint, or just a new pair of buttons. A little bit of extra work can turn something ordinary into your favorite buy of the year.
If you’re wondering where to go for your very first trip, hop, skip, drive or take a bus down to Ludlow Avenue to check out the Mustard Seed Boutique. A charming shop with crystal chandeliers, it houses a wide array of clothing brands, from Marc Jacobs to Oscar De La Renta at reasonable prices. If you’re based near Northside, Casablanca Vintage on Spring Grove Avenue will truly satisfy the vintage hunter in you with a large selection of furs, silk gowns and all the trappings of old Hollywood glamor. Another place for great finds is NVision at Hamilton Avenue, which offers redesigned and recycled clothing, art and furniture. They even make local deliveries for a small fee. So get on the thrifting bus as soon as you can before everyone else buys up all he good stuff.

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